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MOMONN??hmm..what a name??it's me,,okay??just let me introduce myself..i like writing, reading, blogging, browsing, and...what else??friendly, of course..don't believe in me??just check my blog out!!

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Pak Taufiq Amir


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say hi again. . .

the third semester has been come. . .

actually, my third semester has been started since August 10, 2009.
( around one month ago i think,,,)

i'm so busy....busy...busy...and busy...
(i have no time to post my story on my lovely blog. . .u can imagine how busy i am right???)

i have to do my continuously homeworks. . .(my homeworks never end. . .)
i have to go to campus in the morning and back to my 'kos-kosan' at night!!!

huuaa...after arrived at kos-kosan,,i have to do my homework...OMG!!can you guess how long i have my sleeping time???

yeph,,I am in acceleration class now at BU(Bakrie University),,,
very very hard schedule....

can't say anything about my college life in detail right now,,maybe in the next posting. . .

i'll try to post regularly from now again. . .

just wanna say HI!!!!!


perburuan pulsa di Kota Tua


tanggal yang enggak terlalu janggal dan keramat,,,we (ao8o4 BSM) ready for MEMBURU PULSA DI KOTA TUA.....

aturan maen :
ada 3 tempat or pos yang jadi arena permainan.
1. museum bank mandiri --------------->>>>>>>>>> in this pos,,the perticipants were given some photos,,dan mereka harus nyari lokasi dimana foto itu diambil,,trus mereka foto deh sesuai dengan gaya yang ada di foto itu. . .

2. museum bank indonesia--------------->>>>>>>>>> kalo di sini,,sama sih,,nyari lokasi foto juga,,cuman kali ini fotonya benda mati,,so...gak perlu pose2an segala..

3. taman kota tua ----------------->>>>>>>>>> hmm,,,di sini nih yang paling gokil,,kita nyewa sepeda trus bikin video gokil2an,,,,

****tak tau apa yang terjadi,,kenapa upload foto ma video kagak bisa****